How do I know if the rinse aid dispenser is full?

The manual says to fill the dispenser until "the indicator points to Max". What indicator? The manual says to be careful not to overfill but I am having to refill every couple of weeks so I think I am underfilling.

Buffett wrote

Yes, the "Rinse Aid" indicator does come on in the display. It was coming on every 2-3 weeks (not the 40 wash loads indicated in manual) so I assumed I was not filling the dispenser all the way. Actually, this dishwasher does a really good job and with the rinse aid, even the plastics get dry without having to use the heater element.


Yeah, very poor indicator. I think though that a better indicator is on the DMR78 controls. When the rinse aid is down, it is supposed to indicate so. I guess we will wait to see if that function works or not. I assume you are not having good luck in drying dishes. Maybe not cleaning either. 

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