My new dishwasher will not dry the dishes

new dishwasher, 3 weeks old. It has the rinse aid filled but still dishes come out with drops all over them. Yes, have tried the sanitize mode. Do i need to return the machine?

Anonymous wrote

Good luck on getting it returned, or serviced. There are a couple issues. The idea of sanitize is to get everything inside hot, so in concept any water not dripped off would dry. Cabinet is sealed though. What I do is open the door when the cycle is done, let the moisture escape (my old GE did this itself by cycling fresh air through to get the excess moisture out. Oh, to prove the point of this issue, you will see water condensing on the cabinet and inside of the door. There is just tooooo much moisture trapped in the unit.


There are a number of factors which could be contributing to your dishes not drying well. Following are some of the suggestions that can be found in the Troubleshooting section (pages 23-24) of the DMR78AHS User Manual: 1) The water temperature may be too low. For best performance, the temperature of the supplied water should be 120 ˚F (49 ˚C). 2) Too much or too little detergent is being used. Supply the appropriate amount of automatic dishwasher detergent. 3) Too many dishes have been loaded, or they are not loaded correctly. Please review page 16 of the User Manual for the recommended method for loading dishes. 4) The pressure of the supplied water may be insufficient. The proper pressure of the supplied water is 20~120 psi (140~830 kPa). 5) Try adding a water softener if your water supply is hard (i.e., high in mineral content). If, after considering all of these tips, you continue to experience this problem, please contact 800-SAMSUNG to speak with an agent who can further assist you. 

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